Calves deserve a healthy start in life

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No mother’s milk 

Did you know that calves only get to drink their mother’s milk right after they are born, but have to switch to powdered milk after that? This artificial milk does contain the nutrients, but it isn’t the same as the real thing. Real milk contains all sorts of substances that help keep calves from becoming ill!

A healthy start for calves

We want to study what properties the milk has, and how we can give this to the young ones while still allowing their mothers to be milked.

Make the difference

Do you also think that we should give calves a healthy start? Then please support my project. It'll make all the difference!

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Who I am

I am Dr. Ruurd Jorritsma, and I work as a University Lecturer at Utrecht University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, in the Department of Farm Animal Health. 

What I do

Here, I mainly teach courses in pathophysiology, pathology and epidemiology. My research focuses on the field of metabolic disorders in ruminants, such as cattle.

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The problem

Calves are allowed to drink their mothers' milk, called colostrum, the moment they are born. After this, however, they are fed powdered milk until they are weaned. This artificial powdered milk contains many nutrients found in cow’s milk, but there are also clear differences between the two. There are signs that even after the colostrum phase, the mothers milk contains components that help keep the calves from becoming ill. These components impact the calf’s cellular immunity in a healthy way.

You probably agree that it makes no sense for dairy farmers not to use the components that nature has put into mother’s milk to keep their animals healthy.

What we want to do

We want to find out which components of cow’s milk are so important for calves. We also want to study how we can safely give these components to calves, while still allowing their mothers to be milked.

The end result

We aim to give calves the healthy start they deserve.


Every contribution counts!

We are extremely grateful for any contribution you might be able to give. Together we can make a difference!