Help Parrots Keep Their Clothes (Feathers)!

Tiny Parrot Vintage Boutique
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from €500 (45%)

Tiny Parrot Vintage Boutique loves parrots. Tiny and otherwise. And we believe in Friends Of VetMed's 'Parrots Happy In Their Feathers' campaign to research new ways of providing our companion parrots with personalized enrichment.

A lack of proper enrichment is a leading cause for parrots to experience stress and to start plucking their own feathers. And we figured that if we get to keep our favorite outfits, why shouldn't parrots too?

By collecting just €500,00, we can ensure that one of the parrots partaking in the research is housed and taken care of for an entire year. Please help us reach that goal!


Tiny Parrot Vintage Boutique